Cymulate has attracted $45M to further improve testing and cybersecurity protection by simulating attacks

photo 2021 05 10 21 18 01
photo 2021 05 10 21 18 01

This direction of development is very relevant. Organizations are devoting increasing resources to fighting cybercrime, which is a growing threat. Accordingly, the demand for various IT security tools is constantly increasing.

The toolkit that Cymulate offers launches machine simulations of cyber attacks on computer networks. After that it identifies vulnerabilities and gives instructions on how to fix what does not work well enough.

It should be emphasized that the Cymulate toolkit provides clients with the opportunity to improve the use of the security systems. They already have in order to take maximum advantage of previous security investments.

Authoritative experts predict that with the current growth rate and income, Cymulate can reach an estimate of $1 billion within two years.

The large investment is explainable, as in 2022, Gartner estimates that about $170 billion will be spent by the business on information security.

Polina Shifrina