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Mike L.


Experience: 5 years

About Me

I have always been people orientated. I connect well with people and I try to use that connection to make, even the slightest difference in their lives, for the better. While I can work effectively alone, helping people and collaborating with people has always been my drive. My experience in the game development industry has allowed me to fulfil my creative passion while working with others to achieve an overall vision. I am an unorthodox thinker who is always willing to think outside of the box. I am conscientious, capable, and steadfast, especially in high-pressure situations. I have always valued open and clear communication and maintain exceptional problem-solving and decision making abilities. Currently I’m studying a year long course in Software Engineering and Full Stack Web Development.



Hyperion Dev, Rosebank, Johannesburg


Software Engineering and Full Stack Web Development


University of Bolton, Greater Manchester United Kingdom


BSc (Hons), Bachelor of Science in Game Design


Telford College, Scotland, United Kingdom


Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design/Visual Communications

Work and Experience


Director Drang Capital

November | 2020 - August | 2021

Drang Capital

– Started a company with my brother and father focusing on developing a new and exciting app within the ecommerce sector specifically dealing in second hand sales and allowing people working from home to create their own online store.
– Unfortunately due to privacy and NDA’s involved in relation to the app I can’t give more information on it.
– App is currently in development.


Tarantula Breeding Program and Youtube Channel

September | 2020 - August | 2021


– I am a complete exotic animal lover and found a passion in keeping and breeding very rare and exotic Tarantulas.
– By doing the above I was able to create a steady income with sales from the Tarantulas as well as start my own youtube channel educating and showing people from all over the world how incredible these creatures are.
– Recently I was invited and appeared on a podcast with one of the top Tarantula keepers/Youtubers based in the United States.
– Links to my youtube channel and to see my work within this field can be sent on request.


Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

January | 2020 - March | 2020


Promoted to senior leadership role.
– Monitored the development of two new QA’s.
– Trained new QA’s on how to log issues, map out improvements and handle work traffic.
– Solved challenging and unforeseen problems for my team.
– Lead QA on international games such as Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.
– Implemented new strategies which focused on improvements of gamer experience.
– Main liaison between upper management and the development team.


Quality Assurance Analyst

May | 2018 - December | 2019


– Identified, prevented and mitigated mistakes and defects in Computer-based, VR, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile and various other console games.
– Liaised between various members of the development team.
– Ensure faultless delivery of the product to customers and stakeholders.
– Dealt with issues in single player and multiplayer game play.
– Ensured design issues within a specific game were identified and had actionable strategies on how to improve these errors.


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Mike L.