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Olesya P.

Full-stack Developer
Back-end Developer

Experience: 10.5 years

About Me

Full-Stack Web Developer (BE- 70%, FE- 30%) with 3 years of experience. Key areas of expertise: Java, Maven, Spring framework, Microservices, Database systems (PostgreSQL, MongoDB), Rest API, JUnit Testing, JavaScript, React. I am looking for a Backend Java developer / Full-stack developer position.



IT Academy “Step”, Ukraine


“Software Java Development”


National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine


Master’s Degree in Computerized data processing of environmental protection

Work and Experience


Full Stack Developer

August | 2019 - August | 2021

Elpisor LTD, Israel

Latest project: a microservice architecture project for analyzing authentication attempts with possible  IP-addresses blocking. The application detects the sequence of the authentication failures, maintains a list of blocked Ip-addresses, and has access to it through the back-office service.
Used: microservice architecture – Spring Cloud; Security: JWT authentication, Role-based Authorization (Spring Security), Accounting management; communication between asynchronous services – Spring Cloud Stream (middleware Kafka); Discovery Synchronization Service – Netflix, Eureka; Discovery Client – Load Balancer; Configuration Management – Spring Cloud config; single point of access – Spring Cloud Gateway; Back-office service – three layers: Controller-Service-Data Domain (REST API); databases  – Reactive MongoDB, Redis; notification – Spring Boot Starter Mail; integration tests with Docker Compose; unit-tests – Junit5,  Mockito, Logging –  debug, warn and error levels.
Frontend: development of single-page applications – React functional reusable components; routing – React Router; controlling states and lifecycles of components – Hooks; user interface library – Material-UI; statistics and analysis – Lodash. Also, the layout of templates, website redesign, working with graphic and text content, deployment, and configuration.


Back End Java Developer

August | 2017 - August | 2019

Aimprosoft, Ukraine

Latest project: participation in the development of an application with a monolithic architecture. The application is intended for analyzing and processing environmental pollution data in industrial cities. The application allows connection pollution data with geographical places on the maps (Google Maps API).
Used: Spring Framework; Spring Boot; 3-tier architecture – Controller, Service and Data Domain (linked through interfaces), implementation of web service – Rest API; WEB Server – Apache Tomcat; unit testing – Mockito; working with  database PostgreSQL (Spring Data JPA); Security – AAA, Spring Security; integration with external systems; Google Maps API.


Software 1C Developer

August | 2012 - August | 2016

Aimprosoft, Ukraine

Main project: Development and configuration of new accounting subsystems.
– Initial user training with the introduced new modules and improvements.
– Working with 1C environment, synchronizing multiple databases.
Used: MySQL, 1C, FoxPro, 1С:ERP 2.

Request Details

Olesya P.