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Yaroslav V.

Full-stack Developer
Front-end Developer

Experience: 5.5 years

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About Me

Full-stack developer with 4+ years of experience. I consider myself a full stack developer with 2+ year frontend development experience (JS, HTML, CSS, jQuery, React, Redux, Unity) and 3+ years backend development (C#, .NET Core).



National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine


Master’s Degree in Computerized information security

Work and Experience


Web Developer

August | 2017 - August | 2018

Inetex (Kyiv, Ukraine / Israel, Rehovot)

Main projects :
Admin side in road assistance project for drivers who are in trouble to get help from other drivers or services. Multilingual support. Created using Google Maps API , Firebase database , Firebase Authentication.
Tools summary: JavaScript, React , Material UI , HTML5 , CSS3.


Full-Stack Developer

August | 2019 - August | 2021

IAF, Israel

Main projects:
– Flight briefing project with top secret classification. Program to simulate any situation (air-to-air, ground-to-air, ground-to-ground) Using 3d models of aircraft, tanks, batteries, air-ground missiles with ability to visually modify any time of day, season, weather. Possibility of transforming two-dimensional space into three-dimensional. Tools summary: C#, Unity 3D, Entity Framework.
Shahad-339 unit website with a database for managing unit workers . Created using SPA technology with a server on C#. List of unit workers and their projects. Ability to add / delete / edit workers. Realized admin and user page. Currently posted on the general AIF network.
Tools summary: C# (.NET Core), JavaScript, React, Redux, JQuery,  Bootstrap , Material UI, HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB.
– An interactive encyclopedia for research enemy air defense systems. Implemented on the Unity 3D engine. It makes it possible to visually study and understand the structure of the enemy’s air defense. The project is under the heading completely secret.
Tools summary: C#, Unity 3D, MongoDB.
– Project with top secret classification . Program for full simulation and training of working with a radio intelligence complex. Implemented on the Unity3D engine. Makes it possible to simulate the real device work in the conditions of military operations.
Tools summary: C# , Unity 3D.

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Yaroslav V.