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Denys Z.

Front-end Developer

Experience: 4.5 years

About Me

2+ years of experience in front-end developing (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/React).
Programming language: JavaScript, TypeScript
System: Windows, Linux, Mac OS.
Web: HTML, JQuery, MVC, Bootstrap, Material Ui, Styled-Components, Sass, Less, Scss.
Technologies: React, Redux, React-Hook, Redux-Hook,Redux-Toolkit, React-Router-Dom, Node JavaScript, Google Api,, Axios, Formik
Web-services: Rest, WebSocket.
Environments: Webstorm, IntelliJ IDEA ,VScode, Eclipse, Sublime Text 3, Heroku, Figma, Adobe XD, Adobe-Photoshop, GitHub.



Tel Ran Computing Solutions Ltd, Israel


Program for adaptation of software developers accordingly with Israel IT technologies by Jewish Agency




Frontend Basic and Frontend Pro Course


Dnepropetrovsk Medical School, Ukraine


Intermediate vocational training: obstetrician gynecologist

Work and Experience


Frontend developer

September | 2020 - September | 2021

Elpisor LTD (Rehovot , Israel)

Project: Main application for communication of pet owners with each other.
The meaning of the application is to create a society that has pets, to communicate with each other and to tell about your pets, as well as to help find missing pets or to point out where you saw the missing animals.
Area of responsibility. I took part in all stages of development: connection with designers to correct, change or improve the design; building of all the components; styling of the components; checking of the cross browser suitability; punking routing; creating of authorization and registration form and checking it with the help of Token, also encoding of the password and creating of the user’s profile (so that the user can change, save information about himself and check all of the posts he posted during all the time to delete irrelevant); processing of the client’s requests to give him a possibility to look through his or other users’ posts. Also I took a big part in creating the form for lost and found animals with hint elements for the correct entering of information, possibility to add, download or move a picture.
Also I was developing  a narrow setting for localization and filtering of all found or lost pets so that the user can easily find the pet.
Used: HTML, Sass, Bootstrap, JavaScript, React, Redux, React and Redux Hook, React-Router-Dom,
Google Map Api, AJAX and different libraries.


Frontend developer

September | 2018 - September | 2019

Vortex (Dnepr, Ukraine)

Project: Website sale of women’s and men’s clothes, in which you can easily choose any item.
Area of responsibility. I took part in all stages of development: revision of website design, making up the website for all devices and testing cross browser compatibility.
Used: HTML, Sass, Bootstrap.
Project: Weather application, which consists of a widget and a weather graph in which you can specify the city and display its meteorological data.
Area of responsibility. I was present at all stages of development: revision of website design, writing the making up for all devices, checking for cross browser compatibility.
Writing the logic: I worked with requests on the user’s side so that the user can point to any city and get all his data on the weather. Also I was setting up a weather widget, so that when a user comes to the widget with his  localization, he can be shown meteorological data in his city.
Used: HTML, Sass, JavaScript, MVC


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Denys Z.