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I am Daniela Smid. I am from Mexico City living in Israel for 3 years now. I am a recently graduated Fullstack developer from ITC. Being a junior developer can be challenging when applying for a job, but I am very motivated and enthusiastic to start building cool stuff for a cool company. I believe I can be a good match for a role in a company if given the opportunity. I learn fast, I am committed and I like to get things done.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Tourism and a Master's degree in International Community Development, then I decided to switch to the programming world and I did a full-stack developer boot camp in ITC.


I am a recent graduate from ITC where I developed some React - Node.js - Express projects and I did during my internship in a company called HelloRented I created an API in Node.js with express, socket-io and Twilio API, and created react-app as my frontend. Before entering the programming world I was the product manager of a startup called phloc.io in Tel Aviv.

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Daniela S.