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I am an Oleh Chadash from London, eager to learn and provide value to companies on the cutting edge. I have a broad skill set, spanning from the technical (I am a bootcamp graduate and am completing a three-month internship as a full-stack developer), to the non-technical, as a speaker of multiple languages (Spanish, Hebrew, Italian and English) and having read History to an undergraduate level. I can offer a unique outlook, understanding the needs of both technical and non technical sides to an operation. Furthermore, I have a demonstrated ability to learn new skills of varying complexity quickly and proficiently.


Graduated from Python Full Stack Web Development bootcamp. BA in History from King's College London.


Built a sales platform for Rumble Wellness, client and server-side using the latest standards in Javascript and React. Have experience in multiple business development roles, so am abele to keep the big picture in mind and understand a business' needs while executing a project to the highest standards.

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Michael N.