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Nikita D.

Front-end Developer

Experience: 4 years

About Me

I came to front-end development because I see endless opportunities for self-development in this field, where you are always standing at a fork in the road and deciding what else to learn and which knowledge to apply to a certain case. I also have an understanding of what a good user-friendly website should be and I am eager to create such websites.



Practicum by Yandex


Web Developer, React Developer

Work and Experience


Frontend Developer (learning)

March | 2021 - January | 2022

Yandex Practicum

“Mesto” project
Interactive website the idea of which is uploading photos by its users.
Features: deleting pictures, “like” button, editing user’s personal information and authentication in React version.
Stack: HTML, CSS, JS, WebPack, API, React
The project is adapted for all possible resolutions and object-oriented.
Burger project
Interactive website imitating real burger restaurant where you can “build” your own burger according to your preferences, calculate the price, order and track your order. In addition you can create a new user.
Stack: React, Redux, API, TypeScript, DND
Planet Information project
Interactive website containing information about every planet of the Solar system, the information is up-to-date as it originates from outer sources.
The project is adapted for all resolutions


April | 2019 - March | 2021


Land-surveying support of constructing various infrastructural projects all over the country.
● Carried out(from the ground up to the final phase) the works of installation of the treatment facilities near Palmachim.
● In 2015-2018 supported constructing works at several apartment complexes in the city of Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


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Nikita D.