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Hello! My name is Ilya, I am 25 years old and I made aliyah from Russia 1.5 years ago. Although my native language is Russian, I also speak English on Intermediate level and Hebrew on א level. Every day I improve these languages. In Russia I received Bachelor degree in Information Security specialty at Novosibirsk State Technical University. In Israel I studied “Java, WEB and Mobile” additional course at Tel-Ran college. I wish to use your service to promote myself, because I want to continue my web developer career here, in Israel. I always look for a job sensibly, so I am agree to get intern position – the main thing is to be able to develop yourself. I am organized, disciplined and persistent person. I am ready to dedicate myself completely to work and I have strong desire to learn new things. Thank you for your attention!


Education: 2019-2020: “Java, WEB and Mobile” course, Tel-Ran College, Rehovot, Israel 2015-2019: BSc in Information Security, Novosibirsk State Technical University 2011-2015: College of Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management - “Applied Computer Science”


2019-present: Full-Stack Web Developer, Inetex Computing Solutions Ltd. (Rehovot, Israel) | LowCostsTrip ( Developed the single-page application which shows detailed information about travelling from one place to another: types of transport, costs, duration, etc. Areas of responsibility: web scraping, fixing bugs, managing with hosting. Front-end: JavaScript, Bootstrap 4, HTML 5. Back-end: Node.js, Puppeteer, AWS. SababaLife Developed the single-page application which contains detailed information for new Israeli immigrants. Areas of responsibility: architecture design (component approach), UI design (BEM methodology), implementing all application functionality, code deployment, fixing bugs, managing with hosting. This application has the following features: internationalization (English, Hebrew, Russian, French); user registration; search by geolocation using Google Maps widget. Front-end: JavaScript, React.js, Bootstrap 4, Sass, HTML5. Back-end: Node.js, Google Firebase API, Heroku. 2016-2019: Full-Stack Web Developer, Ice Rock Development (Novosibirsk, Russia) | Developed the single-page application which converts log files from intrusion detection systems to a human-readable diagram with statistics of web traffic. Areas of responsibility: architecture design, UI design, server-side deployment, fixing bugs. Application can generate reports in PDF. Statistics is divided by traffic status – positive, negative or neutral. Front-end: JavaScript, JQuery, HTML5/CSS3, d3.js, Modernizr.js. Back-end: Node.js, PDFKit, MongoDB. 2015: Full-Stack Web developer, Gidrotechnika JSC (Novosibirsk, Russia) | Developed a website for this company (on CMS Joomla! 3), then updated the information on this website when needed. Areas of responsibility: server-side deployment, managing with hosting. Site contains company’s promo actions and news. Managed another website (shopping online on CMS OpenCart 3) of this company. Areas of responsibility: managing with hosting, setting up access control. Front-end: HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery. Back-end: CMS Joomla! 3 (PHP, MySQL), CMS OpenCart 3.

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Ilya S.