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Ariel K.

Full-stack Developer
Front-end Developer

Experience: 8 years

About Me

In college, I realized the impact that technology can have and started a company called Afterclass, a platform for peer-to-peer collaboration built on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, to target the issue of students not communicating in large classrooms. After graduating the University of Maryland, I began working for Maalka; an open, energy efficiency platform designed to help cities and building owners easily meet their commercial benchmarking goals. At Maalka, I collaborated with the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in creating an application that allowed users to experiment with different energy-saving building upgrades to determine percent savings which secured $1 million for Maalka. At Maalka, I worked on the next generation interface of the Maalka platform using React, employing cutting edge technology such as Apollo GraphQL, to allow for user-driven data fetching, composable functions, to create reusable libraries, as well as Semantic UI React to quickly build and deploy components. After gaining experience at Maalka I realized it was the right time to fulfill one of my life long dreams, to move to Israel. In February of 2020 I made that a reality and made Aliyah. After making Aliyah I joined the Ulpan at Kibbutz SDE Eliyahu where I both lived, learned Hebrew and worked for 10 months. After the program finished, I moved to Ramat Gan and have started the process of searching for an exciting career as a software developer in Israel. Here is a comprehensive list of the technologies and frameworks I have worked with in the past. JavaScript, Python, Java, React.js, AngularJS, Apollo GraphQL, MongoDB, Node.js, Docker, Redis, Express, jQuery, Android Studio, Java, EJS, HTML, CSS, Lodash, Highcharts, Handsontable, Semantic UI react, React Bootstrap, Material Design.



University of Maryland College Park


Bachelor of Science – BS, Environmental Science


Rockland Community College


Associate of Science – AS, Biology/Biological Sciences, General

Work and Experience


Frontend Web Developer

September | 2018 - February | 2020


Responsible for building the next generation interface of the Maalka platform using React, Developed a Crossfilter utilizing React’s Context API to coordinate interactions, among visualizations across large multivariate datasets. Built a Comments component to enable clients to discuss ideas collaboratively utilizing Semantic UI Forms and Modals. Assembled a library of Lodash iterator functions to sort and search large multidimensional datasets efficiently. Utilized in-depth understanding of React lifecycles and Promises to efficiently load data. Applied Apollo GraphqL queries to component listeners to allow for user-driven data
fetching. Worked extensively with es6 syntax and function composition. Developed an AngularJS application that was awarded $1 million dollars from the
Department of Energy which allows users to experiment with different energy-saving building upgrades to determine percent savings. Integrated software supplied by the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to support building energy modeling using AngularJS.


Mobile Developer

October | 2015 - December | 2017


Co-Founded and developed a mobile application using Java, embedded JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Android Studio adhering to Material Design specifications.
Utilized Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) servers to enable Afterclass to scale up or down based on traffic. Employed Pingdom and for production monitoring with server statistics provided by Datadoghq. Utilized OpsGenie for Alerts and incident management.

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Ariel K.