Igor S.

Front-end Developer

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2014-2018 - Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Polytechnic University, Moscow. 2019 - Tel Ran Computing Solutions Ltd, Israel. Program for adaptation of software developers accordingly with Israel IT technologies by Jewish Agency.


• 2019 – now: Full-STACK JAVA developer, Elpisor LTD (Israel, Rehovot) Complete development of a web application for small business: • Authentication and role based authorization (Firebase – FireAuth, Firabase security rules) • Single Page Server-less Application with navigation between application functional components and communicating with Firebase(React, React Router DOM, Material-UI, Typescript, Firebase) • Application layout consists of functional and reusable components; services for communicating with Firebase (Typescript, AXIOS, FireStore, FireAuth, RxFire data structures) Widespread React UI components (Material-UI) • Global State Management (Redux); Statistics and analysis (Lodash) Tools summary: JavaScript, TypeScript, React (Router-Dom, Redux), AXIOS, Material UI, RxJS, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Firebase Console (Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Hosting). Web application for accounting management: • Monolith backend web service for maintaining data about accounts (password stored in hash code) Bcrypt. Tools summary: Maven, Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data, Spring Security), NoSQL (MongoDB).

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Igor S.