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Igor S.

Front-end Developer

Experience: 6.5 years

About Me

I consider myself a full stack developer with 2+ years frontend development and 1+ year backend development experience. Looking for full time Full-stack JAVA/Frontend/Java Backend developer position. Teamwork is very important for me, I like to work in a team, it is important for me to develop and learn something new.



Tel Ran Computing Solutions Ltd, Israel


Program for adaptation of software developers accordingly with Israel IT technologies by Jewish Agency


Polytechnic University, Moscow, Russia


Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology

Work and Experience


Full-Stack Java Developer

July | 2019 - July | 2021

Elpisor LTD, Israel

Complete development of a web application for small business:
– Authentication and role based authorization (Firebase – FireAuth, Firabase security rules)
– Single Page Server-less Application with navigation between application functional components and communicating with Firebase(React, React Router DOM, Material-UI, Typescript, Firebase)
– Application layout consists of functional and reusable components; services for communicating with Firebase (Typescript, AXIOS, FireStore, FireAuth, RxFire data structures) Widespread React UI components (Material-UI)- – – Global State Management (Redux); Statistics and analysis (Lodash)
Tools summary: JavaScript, TypeScript, React (Router-Dom, Redux), AXIOS, Material UI, RxJS, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Firebase Console (Authentication, Cloud Firestore, Hosting).
Web application for accounting management:
Monolith backend web service for maintaining data about accounts (password stored in hash code) Bcrypt.
Tools summary: Maven, Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Data, Spring Security), NoSQL (MongoDB).


Frontend developer

March | 2017 - July | 2018

Bulat, Russia

Website development, identifying and fixing errors in the application code, communicating with Restful back-end services (AJAX), JWT based authentication and role-based authorization (Extracting roles from JWT) , reusable UI/UX modules such as tables, navigators (JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap), responsive applications for running WEB applications on the mobile devices. Used: JavaScript, TypeScript, React (Router-Dom, Redux), Lodash, AJAX, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3.

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Igor S.