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2001-2006 –MA degree in engineering. Saint Petersburg state technical Academy, Russia 2019 - Tel Ran Computing Solutions Ltd, Israel. Program for adaptation of software developers accordingly with Israel IT technologies by Jewish Agency


2019-present: Full-STACK JAVA developer. Elpisor LTD (Rehovot, Israel). Main project - online sushi store. Participation in the project development. The application includes the following functionality: registration of a new user, filling in the clients basket, placing an order with the subsequent display of its status, displaying all the necessary statistics. Areas of responsibility. - functional components: Basket, HomePage, Login, dialog components etc. - reusable components (React functional component, React hooks): BasketForm, LoginForm, MyTable, LoginForm. - navigation and routing of the website (React Router): component “Navigator”. - global state-management (React Redux). - authentication with using redirection to social network (Google, Facebook, Twitter) (Firebase Authentication). - authorization based on Firebase security rules and additional collection with administrator data. 2017 – 2019 Full-STACK JAVA developer, Cvek LTD (Syktyvkar, Russia). Main project: application development, database of employees of a large organization. The application is based on a monolithic architecture (@RestController), which makes it easy to maintain and change the code. MySQL is used for data storage. To work with Spring Data JPA, a basic CRUD operation is performed. Requests from the Internet are based on the REST and JSON format. Role database authentication and authorization (Spring Security) is used to ensure access security. For the security of the transmitted data, the ObjectMapper is used. Applying JUnit library for testing the Business Logic. At the request of the client, additional functions are added (JPQL - for creating custom and specific queries from database tables). HTML, CSS, and mostly Bootstrap were used for the user interface.

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