Dmitry F.

Full-stack Developer
Back-end Developer

Cover Letter

Full-Stack developer (Backend: Java, Spring framework; Frontend: JavaScript/TypeScript, React). 60% in Java backend and 40% in WEB frontend


MSc in Computer Science , State Aviation Technical University, Ufa, Russia.


Over 10 years of experience in software development. Programming languages: Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL. Programming paradigms: object-oriented, declarative, imperative, concurrent, functional, generic, reflection, reactive, distributed, event-driven. Web: React, Redux, JSX , Axios, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Material-UI, Technologies & Frameworks: Spring Frameworks (Spring Web, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data MongoDB), Maven, Kafka, Lombok, Microservices(MSA) Networking: HTTP, REST API, TCP/IP Databases: SQL (MySQL), NoSQL (MongoDB) Environments – IDE/tools: Eclipse, Spring Tool Suite, Visual Studio Code, WebStorm, Postman Version control: Git, GitHub Software delivery: Docker OS: Windows, Linux Testing: Junit, Mockito, Spring Test, Spring CLoud Stream Test Binder, H2, Embedded MongoDB, CloudKarafka.

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Dmitry F.