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Dmitry F.

Full-stack Developer
Back-end Developer

Experience: 18 years

About Me

Full-Stack developer (Backend: Java, Spring framework; Frontend: JavaScript/TypeScript, React). 60% in Java backend and 40% in WEB frontend.



State Aviation Technical University, Ufa, Russia


Master’s degree in Computer Science

Work and Experience


Full-Stack Developer

July | 2018 - July | 2021

Elpisor LTD, Israel

Last projects: Microservice architecture – based project for automatic orders creation by monitoring containers with products.
Back end (Java): Cloud of asynchronous microservices for reducing(lack detecting) and processing(orders manipulation) information from sensors, Spring Cloud Stream binder for binding microservices to middleware (Kafka). Discovery synchronous REST-services and load balancing – by Spring-Cloud-Netflix Eureka Server, Eureka Discovery Client. Manipulation of persistent data (spots, orders,user accounts) through synchronous REST-services (Spring Web, Spring Data MongoDB ). Spring Cloud Gateway as a single access point, password-based and jwt-based authentication and role based authorization (Spring Security). Centralized configuration management by Spring Config Server and GitHub for config repository. Unit testing by Junit, Spring test, Embedded MongoDB, Mockito, Spring Cloud Stream Test Binder. Integration testing – Docker, CloudKarafka, Atlas MongoDB, Postman.
Front-end (TypeScript, React):  single page WEB-application with routing (React router DOM), global state management(React Redux) and reusable responsive components ( table, navigation menu –  Material-UI). Periodic polling for data refreshing through REST-API HTTP requests(Axios).
Microservice architecture(MSA) -based project with the ability to search for lost pets by image auto tagging (Imagga API), geocoding(Google Maps API, Positionstack API) and notification(GMail API).
Back-end (Java): Synchronous processing of requests for post custom messages by ‘tagging’, ‘messaging’, ’lost & found’ services. Asynchronous services ‘searching’ and ‘notification’ are tied to middleware Kafka by Spring Cloud Stream binder. Unit tests – Junit, Spring test, Mockito, Spring Cloud Stream Test Binder.
Front-end is a cross-browser adaptive single page WEB-application (JavaScript, React, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap).


Software Developer

July | 2005 - July | 2018

Company TOR, Russia

Development of a retail trade automation system and a warehouse accounting automation system. Last project:Retail Back Office automation – server-side Java application for aggregation and processing sales data from POS-terminals. Formation of analytic and inventory reports, orders for the supply of products. Using Spring Web, Spring Data JPA, MySQL. Front-end part was implemented as a WEB application using JavaScript, React, Redux.

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Dmitry F.