Ivan S.

Back-end Developer


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I have around 15 years of Software Engineering experience with 2.5 years of work in Israel-based Teams (I made Aliyah from Ukraine a few years ago). .NET is my main tech stack, and I have been building solutions on .NET Core since its first release in 2016. I have experience in fintech as CTO of Finova Financial (https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/finova-financial) [Title Loans in USA] - I joined as one technical co-founder building MVP, with further growth of the R&D department to the Team of 10 people completely covering all needs. This was a great chance to practice building an efficient R&D Team using Scrum methodology, as well as an excellent opportunity to work on interesting engineering tasks. I had a chance to try the LEAN approach in a startup last year - we were building an Event Participants Engagement Platform, and I enjoyed LEAN as a product development framework.


2003 – 2008 Master Degree at Computer Control Systems in Vinnytsia National Technical University, Ukraine.


During the last 15 years as Software Engineer, I got a fortune to be involved in big Enterprise projects and startups in finances, events, and transportation areas in different roles – from Engineer to CTO. Strong understanding of software development lifecycle using agile methodology and LEAN approach. Used to work under pressure and in areas with a high level of uncertainty – in startup, there is a necessity to wear many hats at once. This gave me a good chance to develop hands-on development skills as well as people management.

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Ivan S.