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4.5 years

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Find mobile developers from Israel, quickly and easily

On this page, you can find brief CVs of talented and experienced Olim web developers from Israel. They are currently looking for jobs and they might consider joining your project. Feel free to check their CVs and mark those that produce the best impression on you as your favorites. Here, you will meet ambitious and hard-working specialists who will help your business to flourish.

The Benefits of Looking for Mobile Development Israel on This Page

Olim.Tech is Initech‘s initiative supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority. It is an innovative project that complies with the latest standards of the industry.

We do not limit ourselves to any particular technology. However, the demand for specialists from certain spheres might be higher than from others. Currently, these are the four most sought-after technologies.

React Native – is the best way to build fast, powerful, mobile multi-platform applications. The same codebase will be used for Android and IOS.

Ionic 3 – is the top open-source SDK for developing progressive and native apps. Reuse of the same code base saves time and budget.

On our site, you can find candidates for nearly any position in mobile development. You will be able to hire an Android developer, iOS developer, React Native developer, or whoever you might need. To sort specialists with any particular skills, use filters at the top of the page.


Native development: Mobile for iOS / Android

Hybrid mobile: React-Native, Ionic 3, Native Script


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