Google, Tel Aviv University set up joint AI-based research program

US tech giant Google and TA University have launched a three-year program.

This program promotes AI-related multidisciplinary research to address global social, economic and environmental challenges.

The program aims to support the combination of data science and artificial intelligence for a variety of projects. The initiative was launched in March, within the framework the TAU Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (TAD). Prof. Meir Feder and Aladar Fleischman Faculty of Engineering set up this initiative earlier this year.

The new program will provide grants to Tel Aviv University researchers for their work. Ten projects, all addressing the theme “AI for Social Good,” have already been selected. Out of 27 proposals submitted in response to TAU and Google’s joint call.

The researchers come from a wide range of disciplines. It includes zoology (from the Faculty of Life Sciences), electrical engineering, economics, statistics. Also communication disorders, biblical studies, earth sciences and computer science, sociology and anthropology.

Polina Shifrina